Prayers from The Water’s Edge

This project has been eight years in the making. The 100 prayers take the reader from morning to night, from New Year’s Day to Christmas, from the birth of a baby to the death of a loved one, from beginning a relationship with God to growing into Christ’s likeness. Most prayers are original, but the book includes some ancient prayers translated into today’s language. Many of the prayers will be prayed privately. Other prayers are meant to be prayed with others or in worship. This book is intended to help people grow in their prayer life and their relationship with God. It helps people find words when words are tough to come by. It assists people as we journey through the various seasons of life. All proceeds from the book are donated to The Water’s Edge building fund.

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Trampled by Geese

Søren Kierkegaard was an enigmatic philosopher and theologian from Denmark who lived in the 1800s. His writings are often playful and full of irony and metaphors. Being trampled to death by geese is a slow and painful way to die. Being eaten to death by envy is slower and more painful. Kierkegaard wrote about the very issues Americans currently deal with: anxiety, comparison, distraction, self-esteem, balance, depression, and more. This book looks at Kierkegaard’s writings, Scripture, and today’s American culture. The goal of the book is to assist the reader to live faithfully and fruitfully in today’s world: free from anxiety and free to love. Trampled by Geese is currently going through the process of editing and will be released in the fall of 2017. It will be accompanied by a six session DVD and study guide for small groups to use.